Free SEO Audit

Already have a website? – We’ll perform a free SEO Audit of your small business website!

If you’re a small business or professional organization with an existing website, Collins Brook Group will scan your site with our website audit tool and share the results with you at no charge (a small fee may apply for sites larger than 10 pages). We’ll share the results with you in 1-on-1 personal online review (typically using zoom) or in person, if you’re near our Klein, TX office. You’re under no obligation to work with us.

What’s an SEO Audit?

A technical search engine optimization audit (SEO Audit) of a website inspects several key technical features that are known to impact its ranking in search engine results. Our audit starts with a scan of your site using a commercially available audit tool, from Screaming Frog.  It assists in data collection and review. In addition, we perform manual checks using various online tools and browser plugins.

Screaming Frog – Technical SEO Scanner

SEO Audit screen shot

Sample ‘Page Title’ SEO Audit Report

Sample SEO Page Title Audit report & summary

What’s Included in Our SEO Audit?

  • Page Status – We look for broken links and loading issues
  • Page Titles – Check that pages titles are optimized for length and identify duplicates
  • Page Descriptions – Identify missing or non-optimized descriptions for length and identify duplicates
  • Page Headings – We note the number of h1 & h2 headings
  • Images – Identify large images and those missing alt tags & text (key accessibility issue)
  • Page Speed – We check the loading speed of your home page
  • Page Content – Word and sentence count of your pages
  • Structured Data – Scan your “about us” page for structured data about your business
  • Local Search Position – Review your Google local search position

SEO Ranking Factors

Technical SEO experts have identified over 200 characteristics of a website that impact its positioning in search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are a few of the top items. Our free SEO Audit will help you evaluate several of these factors.

On Page Items

  • Page title
  • Meta-description
  • HTML headings
  • Keyword density
  • Page load speed
  • Content

Domain Factors

  • How long has the domain been registered?
  • When does the registration expire?

Your Brand

  • Social media presence & likes
  • Google My Business & Bing Places for Business locations, etc.
  • Online ratings


  • Internal site linking
  • Links from other sites to your site
  • URL length

Site Level

  • Contact us email match to domain registration
  • Site Map
  • SSL Certificate

Site Users

  • Site traffic
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate