About Collins Brook Group

Tom Camp is the owner and general manager of Collins Brook Group, LLC. He’s focused the company on supporting small businesses and technology startups with digital and traditional product marketing services.

Product Marketing Experts

Our experience includes almost every aspect of product and digital marketing. Our expertise covers product management, promotion, marketing communications, pricing, channels development and marketing alliances. We apply these skills to help our clients market their products and services, not just create a simple web presence.

Complete Website Design

We don’t just build your website. We include a complete set of consulting services to help ensure your website design, content and local SEO presence delivers on your requirements. We offer fixed price implementation that includes up to a full year of site maintenance and software updates to ensure that you’re completely satisfied.

Technical SEO Skilled

We’re trained in the art of “Technical Search Engine Optimization” and we use commercial SEO Audit tools to ensure your site uses appropriate metadata and schema. In addition, we assist you in ensuring your site is Local SEO ready & we help ensure your local web presence is correctly tied to your online business profiles, as needed.

Who We Are

Tom Camp, Owner & GM

Tom Camp has over 20 years of experience in web marketing and development. He has managed the development of large multi-language, corporate web infrastructures supporting thousands of users world-wide. More recently, he is focused on supporting small to medium-sized businesses with the development of custom websites, product marketing strategies and partnering recommendations. Tom has developed numerous websites for Houston area small businesses and currently consults with technology startups in the Austin, TX area.

Tom Camp Owner