Site Design & Content Development

Prototype Design

For new websites, Collins Brook Group develops a prototype design for your review. We typically build your preview site behind a firewall (password controlled), but provide you access for review. You can easily monitor site development progress and provide comments on the home page design, product page design and other key site pages to ensure you’re completely satisfied prior to launch.

Selecting The Right CMS

Together with you, we select the most appropriate type of Content Management System (CMS) to use for your site – either a SiteBuilder or a Customized CMS site.

SiteBuilder: Examples include Wix, SquareSpace or Shopify (for e-commerce).

  • Low- to no-maintenance, platform for website hosting
  • Easy to use and update
  • No software to load or maintain
  • Limited features and may have feature restrictions

Customized CMS: Examples include Joomla or WordPress.

  • Wide range of possible customizations
  • Can be tailored for many device types
  • Require continuous software upgrades
  • Expansive industry add-ons for new features & capabilities
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Website Content Development

Collins Brook Group works closely with you to develop all the right content to build an awesome web presence for your business. We use any existing resources (e.g. photography, brochures, etc.), where possible, to reduce your costs. But fear not… if your existing content is limited, our fixed price will provide all the content items you need, including custom photography, graphics, stock images and text.


Where possible, we’ll use your existing photography and stock photos. Where necessary, we’ll license new stock images from 3rd party stock photo providers. If you’re local to the Houston, TX area, we’ll even visit your clients to get images of the work your business has completed. Our image services include:

  • Staff portraits.
  • Facilities & storefront
  • Product images
  • Fully licensed stock photos & graphics

All included under our fixed price agreement.

Note: Extensive use of stock images or substantial volume of product images not identified in our survey, may result in additional charges.

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  • If graphics are required for your design, we’ll help source them or design simple graphics ourselves.
  • In many cases we can acquire cost-effective graphics from stock image providers for web use.
  • For stock images and graphics, we primarily use 123rf. Feel free to explore their offerings.
  • We’ll even try AI graphics generators like DALL-E.

Keyword Planning

We start keyword planning for your content by identifying keywords and phrases to target in our content for your site. We’ll do the initial keyword searches and look at what your competitors are doing.

Although search engine optimization is a continuous process, we’ll help get you started. We’ll do all the basic technical SEO optimization as your site is built. This includes:

  • Page Titles
  • Page Meta Descriptions
  • Schema
  • etc.

Local SEO Presence on Google™ & Bing™

If you don’t already have a business profile on Google or Bing, we’ll help guide you through the process. If you already have a presence, we’ll show you how to maintain your local business listings on these search sites to ensure their consistency.  

In addition to your search profiles, you also need to maintain your listings on other directory type accounts (e.g. Yelp, industry sites, etc.). We’ll help you identify these other directories and business listing sites where your web presence might already be known, or should be. Maintaining consistency in all your online presence across the web will help strengthen your local search positioning. This includes consistency in business descriptions, hours of operation, phone, address, offerings, etc.

Content Development

The recent release of ChatGPT and other natural language processing tools now provide web designers an artificial intelligence tool that can dramatically assist in the development of textual content. We use ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools to assist us in developing tag lines, header text, and page content.

During our development process you’ll have access to our staging site, where you can review content for relevance and accuracy prior to site launch. Your input helps us ensure that the final review and acceptance of your site will be a breeze.

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