Working with Collins Brook Group FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a website?

Depending on the size of the site and the availability of existing content, it typically takes 4 or 5 weeks to develop a new website from scratch. We generally will have a template design to review within 2 weeks. Of course, your availability to review our work-in-process is another factor.

Can I save money by using existing content from my current site?

Absolutely, we offer discounts if we’re able to use existing content from your existing website on a new site.

Will Collins Brook Group take new pictures for my site?

Yes. We will take photography of your business and products to incorporate in your site. If your have an extensive set of products, there may be some additional charges above our published prices.

What costs are incurred for a new website?

In addition to our fixed price development cost, you will need to sign up with a hosting provider, if you don’t already have one. Costs vary from $15/month to $35/month or more for some high performance platforms and security features for e-commerce. We work with many providers, so you’ll be able to select one that works for your budget.

In addition to hosting, there may be costs for purchased images or graphics depending on what you already have. These might be $8 to $10 per image or graphic. We will request your approval for all purchased images and graphics.

What support do you provide after the site is completed?

We provide updates and changes for 90 days for any updates we make to an existing site, if we did not develop the original site. We provide free updates and support for 12 months for any site we develop. Following these periods, we offer low cost annual support agreements that cover site content changes and software updates (if required). These generally cost about $250 per year for a WordPress or Joomla site. Or we can do this work on a time & materials basis. Our hourly rate is currently only $40/hour.

Do I have to keep my website support with Collins Brook Group?

No. Building on popular CMS platforms and ensuring that your hosting account is owned and managed by you, under your email address, means you have all the information you need to easily move to another developer. We provide our clients with all login credentials for accounts and provide them their own back-end accounts with full administrator rights for all content management tools.

Why are your prices so low when compared to other Agencies?

Our business is very low overhead. Tom Camp, our owner is a retired business and technical executive who enjoys website development. As a caring business owner he strives to make web development accessible to small business owners on tight budgets. Also, we use a number of our own custom developed tools to help us keep our costs low. We generally try to use free template plugins or use software that allows us to reuse it on multiple sites. Finally, we attempt to avoid most custom programming and where that’s necessary, we reuse any of our own code and provide you with full license rights to use and modify it forever, at no additional cost.

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