Website Business Questionnaire

Tell Us Your Story – Our ultimate questionnaire for creating your online presence

Collins Brook Group has developed a comprehensive questionnaire. It guides our initial face-to-face or online client interview by providing a structured process that ensures we gain the right set of information fast and efficiently. We cover the following topics in our interview:

Defining Your Web Goals

Identifying your web presence goals is the critical first step in our process. Some common objectives, along with how we might achieve them, include:

  • Growing your business – by offering products online with e-commerce
  • Reducing customer support inquiries – with online support options, like a support ticketing system
  • Promoting new products – with search engine optimized product landing pages
  • Finding new customers – by using landing pages that target specific ideal customers, or recommending an Internet Marketing Agency to help with online advertising

Our Questionnaire

CBG's client survey front page.

Target Customers

graphic of customers with target

Segmenting Your Customers

We help you identify your “ideal” customer. We target your content, offerings and call-to-actions to these prospects by helping you…

  • Segment your customers and products – making them easier to find
  • Develop a clear Value Proposition that answers the question… “Why buy from us?”
  • Identify new customer and market segments
  • Find adjacent market opportunities to expand your business

    Organizing Your Products

    Next we review your product and service classifications and help you…

    • Identify and prioritize key product categories
    • Create product catalogs, as required
    • We review competitive and industry classifications, so you’re consistent with industry norms
    • Lastly, we look for unique product and service value that can set you apart from your competitors

    Product Categories

    Product categories for pecan farm

    Existing Content

    graphic of web content types

    Collecting Existing Content

    You probably already have marketing content that you’ve developed. We use this content as a starting point for development of your web content. These include:

    • Existing photos
    • Brochures and flyers
    • Graphics
    • Logos
    • We match your tone and style

    Saving you time and money.

    Reviewing Your Competition

    Lastly, we review your competition with you. This includes:

    • Their websites
    • Social Media Presence
    • Key SEO attributes – page titles, meta descriptions, possible keywords, etc.
    • Advertising
    • etc.

    Competitive Research

    graphic of research activities